Manage (Setup) Subdomain Redirection

You can set any of your subdomains to point to a different location on your web site or server. For example, if we want to point to our sales page, we can setup a subdomain redirection and have it point to or any url that's specific to our needs.

  1. Assuming you have created a subdomain, view the "Subdomains" table as described in Step 5 of the Subdomains document.
  2. Find the subdomain you want to manage (setup) a redirection for in the table.
  3. Click on the Manage Redirection link in the Actions column.
  4. The subdomain you are using will be listed. You will see "http://" entered by default in the text box. Enter the domain or location you want the subdomain to be redirected to when visitors go to the subdomain you are using.

NOTE: You do not have to include the "http://" in your redirection url.

  1. Click on the Save button.
  2. The next page will state "YOUR_SUBDOMAIN is currently being redirect to: THE_LOCATION_YOU_ENTERED."
  3. Click on the Go Back button.
  4. When the page loads, find the subdomain you are using and you should see "redirected to THE_LOCATION_YOU_ENTERED" displayed in the "Redirection" column.
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