E-Mail (0)

The Email Manager allows a user to do many different tasks involving email accounts. This includes creating email accounts, removing accounts, forwarding email, and more.

Site Software (0)

Contains several softwares that may be easily installed.This include Bulleting Board, Chat, E-commerce and many more

Automated Payment System (0)

convenience, control, security and efficiency all wrapped in one

CGI Software (0)

These software applications are called CGI or Common Gateway Interface programs. They are pre-installed on your web hosting account and are ready to be configured and used on your web site.

Domains (10)

Enables you create,manage and disable addon domains,subdomains and parked domains.

FTP Manager (0)

Allows a user to do many different tasks involving FTP accounts. This includes creating ftp accounts, removing accounts, anonymous FTP access, FTP session control.

Image Manager (0)

The Image Manager allows you to view and modify images in your account. You can change the size of your images, convert their file type, or just view them with the Image Manager.

Outlook Express (1)

Enables you to configure outlook express to check an e-mail account.

Security (0)

Allows users to protect their websites.This includes using IP deny manager,Leech protection ,hotlink protection,GnuPG keys and SSL/TLS manager

Virus Scanner (0)

This function allows you to scan your email, home directory, public web, or public FTP space. Scanning consistently for viruses will help keep your site running properly, and can prevent many problems.

Website Traffic Statistics (0)

Allows you to retrieve many different statistics about your site, and the visitors to it. Here, you can view your bandwidth usage, recent visitors, FTP usage, and more.

cPanel Preferences (0)

Provides options for the user to change the appearance or actions in the cPanel.

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