Addon Domains 4

An Addon Domain is similar to a subdomain and created in much the same way. An Addon Domain has its own file path, location, and file set that can be used to store a web site, images, documents or anything you want. It is almost like having your own web space for a different domain, but is attached to your main user account. This allows for easier management of the Addon Domain by being integrating and available from your main user account's management system.

Domains: Redirects 1

Redirects are used when you want to point a specific url or web page to another location. For example, you want your visitors to be redirected to when they visit DomainA.Com/Sales.HTML

Parked Domains 1

Parked Domains are really domain pointers that allow you to "point" or "park" domain names to your existing hosting account. For example, your main web site is, but you also have cPanel allows you to "point" or "park" to your main domain or web hosting account at

Subdomains 4

A subdomain is a domain using your main domain and a prefix name. As an example, let's say our main domain is We want to create a domain for our support department and direct visitors to a separate area on our web site. Our subdomain would use "support" as the prefix and "" as the main domain. The example of putting these two together are shown below: EXAMPLE:

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